This is all very new to me.

Wow. So I really did just create some form of blog for myself? Mad. After so many years of umming and ahhing, I finally did it!

Maybe it’s because the air of change is in the air as well as the urge to push forward. Finishing university and having no job leaves me with very little to actually do, other than heavy duty sessions of video gaming and occasional job applications.

Maybe it’s because I’ve spread my wings across so many sites over the years, during the explosion of the whole social networking thing, that I have CRAP all over the internet. I need to consolidate that stuff just like a loan into one stream of internet consciousness, right here!

Maybe it’s because I have seen so much funny shit, beautiful art, crazy science breakthroughs and heard some insane music over the years that I feel I should at least try and share with as much people as possible.

Maybe it’s all those things…….I’m pretty sure it’s all those things.

And so it begins.

Disclaimer: Expect hiccups and grand errors as I get used to this system.


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