This has been in my head for the past two days…

Right, as this thing is looking a bit light I have decided to spruce it up. Got some widgets up and running and a snazzy pixellated photo of American Dad that I captured last summer from the T.V. Was quite mad at the time, paused the sky to get my food and on my return seen the whole screen turn into an 8-bit mario game. Loved it.

Anyway that’s not what I’m here for. The other day someone mentioned to me that Seagal, yes Steven Seagal, had been accused of having child porn! What the fuck!….. Ah it’s ok looking now, it was just sexual abuse and illegally trafficking women…. Shit.

Well it reminded me of this cartoon I once watched AGES ago, back in the day when the internet was just blooming. It was the principle flash cartoon that got me into them. LOVE flash cartoons! So much talent and creativity if you’re willing to look around. A great site for flash is Newgrounds. Check out stuff by Egoraptor, David Firth, a series named College University, the Brackenwood Series, in fact just check it all out! NOW!! It reminds me that I really, really, I mean REALLY need to get my hands on CS5 Flash…

Back to what I really wanted to show you. This is the Steven Seagal cartoon. There are two others before this which are equally as good but this is the one that had the most impact on me. Love it. I think I was made by a guy called Ken Mcintyre whose made some other funny shit that you should see.

What the fuck is that Professor Goat/Duck about? Amazing.


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