My C.V.

Been putting it off for a few days now but I think I’m gonna at least start it today. Thing is, this time round, it’s going to have to be done super properly. I have written them before in the past but this time it’s for a real, grown-up, oh-shit-is-this-going-to-be-a-career, job; I’m kinda shitting myself. Have no idea why this is such a deal for me, I think it’s just the acceptance that University’s now over and that I’ve realized that I’m pretty much an adult! Ha I’m so not ready for the real world! Or should that be, is the world ready for me?

I literally have no idea where to start…….apart from obviously my name.

On another note, I think this is pretty cool, one of my friend’s band is actually on Spotify! I have no idea how you get on it and how easy or hard it is, but the fact they are there is pretty sick. They are pretty decent for a band that has only been together for two years and I can only see them improving on their sound. Check them out on their MySpace, facebook or indeed now on Spotify! Enjoy.

Also put up some videos on the side                                     ————–>

That’s mai shizzzz!

Time for eats then back to this C.V. crap.


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