Dennis Hopper Dead. Shit.

What shit news from yesterday. Dennis Hopper dead. Man, that guy was cool. Funny that only yesterday I was talking about the link between creativity and madness. Reading his obit here just clarify’s that; trying to blow himself up as an “art happening” and taking drugs on celluloid….in a church graveyard. How fucking awesome is that! Never catch any of these new stars doing such fucked-up stuff.

Such a key influence in the New Hollywood movement too. Basically decided, with a few others of course, in what direction film would take for the next twenty/thirty years. Films now wouldn’t be where there are if this never occurred. It allowed films to be more free and rebellious, away from the studio systems that tried to keep them on a lease. It’s influence is pretty much in most films although a new brand of thinking has infiltrated Hollywood in its unnecessary milking of  sequels, prequels, trilogies, remakes and re-imaginings. This kind of money- chasing seems to be taking over the mainstream film industry and I fucking hate it. Shit is made to make money and thats all they care about. If it wasn’t for movements like the New Hollywood movement back in the day (not my day, I wasn’t born) think how much more quickly the film industry would have gotten stale and boring? We need for something new to come along and shake things up. And I’m not talking about 3D…..that can go suck my balls.

Anyway back to Dennis. I wonder what he thought on the current state of the film industry. He was one of those people who I thought it would have been totally amazing to hang out with; even better make a film with! Even just to see him in person would have probably sufficed. Shame that will never happen, although I suppose it never would have unless I got an extremely good hand of luck .

The world just got a little less insane and I mean that in the best possible way.

R.I.P. Dennis Hopper.


4 thoughts on “Dennis Hopper Dead. Shit.

    • Have never seen Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 so can’t say anything, although he was also Bowser in the Super Mario Bros. film. Not sure if you seen that but christ what a strange film choice by him.

  1. haha! was he really? that passed me by, although i think i was about 8 when i saw that. my parents were attentive enough to keep me away from Blue Velvet at that age

    • Yeah was weird character, had no real link to actual bowser from the game in fact he had no shell, spikes and was actually human in it.
      Ha, that was probably a good move by your parents in retrospect; could have warped your young fragile mind! Good film though.

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