Up one way, down the other.

For the first time in months I exercised yesterday. Bad move. Today it feels like someone went to work on me with a metal baseball bat in my sleep, tenderising me slowly. I feel out of it; I feel so strange, but I think that’s because I havent eaten……..I should eat. I definitely should eat; I cannot survive on tea alone, I must learn this.

My body might be shit but my mind is absolutely buzzing! Tomorrow is going to be such a fucking badass day. First I got to sign up for a job that I desperately need (MONEY!) and then at 6:00pm over at Chapter Arts in Cardiff they are playing my film that I made for Uni. How fucking AWESOME is that?! I can’t wait. Ha, this could be the highlight of my career as a director; well it is but I mean for my entire life! If in the area come down, the more the merrier! Should be a good night – rephrase – will be a shit hot motherfucker of a night!

Just wish my actual physical body could be as energized as my mind. If that happened to be the case I’d probably turn into a superhero. And that would be sweet.


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