Fuck the EDL!

Last weekend I wrote this. I’ve been so busy with my new work and the ridiculous shifts that I have neglected to post this! So here it it.

“Yesterday was a pretty crazy day. I’m not really sure how I got into it. Actually I do, it was my girlfriends idea.

Spent the majority of yesterday chasing down and protesting against those Nazi racist thugs that are the EDL, WDL, Soul Crew and BNP; or some combination to that effect. Basically, who ever I was protesting against, they were a bunch bigoted fools who I am ashamed to say that they share the same species as me. I don’t get the

Another point of contention was the the overwhelming presence of police at the protest.  Most of them were dicks but some were cool and actually accommodated us pretty well. I was thinking that it must be weird for them to defend people who don’t have the same ideals as you, especially the hides of racists. Like do you reckon the police purposefully didn’t wield any Black, Asian, Indian or indeed any other ethnicity police officers on the day due to the racists they would have had to protect?

Although the majority of it was peaceful, some people found it hard to keep it that way. Some were actually seething with rage, offended by the very idea that racist hooligans are allowed to walk our streets while some people  came out with the wrong intentions already planted in their heads. And when the police started to move us scuffles did break out. I’ll never understand why they moved us, the peaceful, local and clearly RIGHT of the group and let the racists stand. That was annoying.

Turnout was much bigger than I thought it would be and it was awesome. I didn’t know much about the day and the last protest I went to was only a handful of people. There were so many people against the racist EDL that it actually gave me back some form of hope for the future. Especially the sizes in the group, we outnumbered them greatly and I couldn’t be happier with that. I definitely do this again to some them that what they stand for us not cool and its not right and has no purpose belonging here on this earth. Fuck Racism.”

So go ahead and label me
An asshole cause I can
Accept responsibility, for what I’ve done 
But not for who I am


I would write some more and get some links involved but have no time! I have to go to work. Speak on the weekend.

Also one more thing to mention is the death of Stuart Cable. Wow that was a shocking and completely out of the blue. Totally uncool. One of the first songs I learnt to play on the drums was Mr. Writer. Such a shame he’s gone, he was a cool dude.

R.I.P. Stuart Cable.


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