A New Xbox 360?

Do we need another Xbox 360, so late it is market life? Hmm I’m unsure that we do. Although I’m sure Microsoft are positive and sure that we ALL do. In fact at their E3 conference everyone there got their own new slim 360…bastards. Although I’m overly bowled over by the new 360 I still wouldn’t be too upset if I got a free one.

Xbox 360 SlimXbox 360 SlimXbox 360 Slim

It’s smaller and sleeker. Takes many cues from the PS3 in the black and the fact the power button is just a contact button, no actually pushing needed….just like the PS3. Also, I’m not sure if it’s just me or the photos, but it seems reallll fucking shiny. Hard drive is inside which is cool to be fair and it’s loads quieter that the existing model out. Also they have renamed their motion controller from Project Natal, which was a shit name; too reminisce of post-natal or some other shit, to Kinect. This system I think is the main reason for the redesigned and revamped 360. Also it’s got Wi-Fi! For fuck sakes, this would have been so useful for me the first time round. Had such issues with routers trying to connect it to the net.

To be fair though Kinect looks like its going to be amazing. Check this out. About 35 minutes in he shows it to control film and music on a 360. Pretty fucking swift. If this is how intuitive its going to be, it’ll definitely be the king of the motion control era of gaming. It’ll transform consoles into something more. A multimedia hub through the T.V. that everyone will be able to use. So basically we are living in the future, now.

Hm I wonder if Microsoft are going to be dicks about it and only let Kinect work on the new system. That would be fucking shocking.

Also check the New Metal Gear: Rising below. Never been a huge Metal Gear fan but the action in this looks fucking SWEEEEEETTTTBREADDD!

And check Fable 3 above!


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