Today has been a pretty fucking shit day. Firstly, my job is getting crapper by the day. I thank FUCK that it’s temporary. What is annoying is that I’ve gotten paid by cheque this week, where ever this cheque is because it’s definitely not at this house, and this in turn has completely FUCKED my weekend. I’m meant to be having leaving house party……somwhow now with no money. And it’s all down to this:

I put in an extra 2 zeroes.

WHAT THE FUCK! SFG! Annoying. And Reed the company I’m working through are no help. So, because of this I now have to go all the way to Dinas (Mum’s house) to see if the cheque is there, then either: some how bargain with my mum to get her to loan me the money so she can have the cheque (fat chance) or cash it in some dodge place.

Also I want to check out more E3 shizz. Heard loads about the Nintendo 3DS but have yet to have a look at it. Sounds mad.

Seriously though. Two numbers.

Today can go suck my ass. My job can suck my ass.

Fuck it, nothing left to do in this day so might as well leave it behind. Night.


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