How The Weekend Went.

Was a pretty good party on the Saturday. Not as many people as I’d like/hoped for, but it was still pretty good; basically everyone that mattered came so I’m cool. I just didn’t get why more people didn’t come, firstly: it was the last party we will be having in this house as we leave in 2 weeks, secondly: there won’t be an opportunity to party again like this in ages as no one has a house at the mo and thirdly……. IT WAS A FUCKING PARTY! Lame asses. Oh and there was also fireworks. Awesome fireworks

Also the Bismarck sank. Tasted….unusual to say the least. Wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but on the other side of my thinking didn’t taste as nice as I wanted it too. I know it sounds odd but even at 41% ABV I still thought the beer would taste like beer. Wrong. But anyways was definitely interesting and a definite experience.

Awesome Fireworks

Also the next day, after waking up surprisingly hangover free, went over to England with the Ma to Loughborough to pick up my bro Toby. Last time I’ll be doing that as he won’t be going back in the Sept. Felt really bad for him as he was leaving all his mates behind that he made whilst at Uni. He had trouble with a few course up there and has made the decision to come back. I think he was right to. Sad, but he has to look to the future and I’m sure he’ll keep in contact with them.

All of sunday I was rocking my D.O.G.O.B.G.Y.N t shirt and remember how fucking amazing it is. It’s an animated short from the show Wondershowzen. I can’t seem to find any clips of Wondershowzen to show you but I do have the animations. Created by Aaron Augenblick at Augenblick Studios Inc. they are fucking brilliant and sick, in the most possible best way you can think. Check out D.O.G.O.B.G.Y.N. Can’t embed the vid, but just go on the site! Check out his shit!

I seriously need to get the DVD of Wondershowzen.


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