A Few Videos From The Last Few Days….

Um ok this is gonna be a long one, I can feel it. Got a lot of shizz to show you.

Anyone watch the England/Slovenia match? I didn’t but I caught the highlights after work. They should have one by more but thats not what I’m talking about. I saw something quite hilarious.

John Terry with the Fish Dive defensive play! Never seen anything like it; actually looks like a salmon attempting to make its way up a river. Love it. I wanted to see more animal based defensive tactics from the England squad. I’m sure it can’t do them that much harm?

Another video I came across last night actually. Be prepared if you like Metal…..music that is.

The big four of thrash all on one stage!!?! Fucking insane! Mustaine and Hetfield on same stage at the same time?!>! Never thought it Couldn’t find a better video, although I think the one I originally saw was in the Sonisphere website. Pretty mad though. Wanna see everyone soloing though, that would be fucking rad. Only thing wrong is a certain lack of Slayer up there minus of course Dave Lombardo.

Next I saw this, also last night, on the T.V. It’s for the euromillions lottery. It kinda makes me feel strangely angry. So angry in fact that I won’t be placing the video here you’ll have to see it on youtube on the link in the last sentence! Sorry I just don’t want it clogging my shit. It seems to tell me that to have fun and be happy you have to be fucking filthy rich. Also it seems really elitist, ‘Cos we are rich we can afford to play on an island away from all you commoners and the only way you can hope of getting there one day is by participating in their lottery’. I know I’m probably looking way too much into this but for some reason it annoys the fuck out of me.

Right I think that’s it. I think I’ll be able to fit one more post in before I pack this baby away and move back home. It’ll prob be based around that very factttt!

OH!!! And one more thing that I cannot believe I forgot to mention. Last day of  my motherfucking IBO job. God, I love the money but the place is getting fucking old! I’m not too sure the supervisors like me….not that it matters anymore after ten past ten tonight 😛 Time for a drink? Fuck yes.


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