Mel Gibson Rants…….again

Got this from a friend of mine on the ol’ Facebook.

Mel has done it again! Another rant, not about jews or ‘sugartits’, but about his girlfriends overt sexual presence. Oooh!

This is actually the link for the recording.

It’s actually rather shocking to hear this coming from the mouth of Gibson. I always thought he was a bit of a dick. It just  goes to show the public perception of people in the limelight can be completely wrong to how they actually are. Here we have a man still recovering from his last anti-semitic rant and drink driving incident(s?). What a fucking disgrace to talk to a woman like that. Here is actually a list of all the fucking shit he has said recently.

It’s weird to see all this shit coming from a fairly uncontroversial actor, I mean this in considering the roles he’s taken on. For fuck sake he was in ‘What Women What’!

I’m pretty sure this has killed his career significantly. Or at least put a few more nails in the coffin.


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