16th of July

This is what we have to look forward to on the 16th of July:

Sepultura playing Millenium Music Hall. Vid back when Max Cavalera fronted. Funnily enough he’ll be there with Soulfly a month later.

Xbox 360 slim being released. Already done a post about it. Doubt I’ll buy one but cool none the less.

C. Nolan’s new film Inception is out. Got a faint idea what the film is about. Sounds quite nuts and the  trailer looks Swwweeeeet!

Also for fans of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross it’ll be the last one EVER! Was never a devout fan of the show but it was always good for a laugh. He’s jumping ship to ITV to host a chat show……I really can’t see how it’s going to be any different.

Graduation for me. Holy fucking bollocks. 3 years later, a fucking ton of money spent, overdrafts maxed out, one burglary, a couple of films made, a few screenplays written and a lot of messed up, freaking amazing parties, has finally led me to this day. It’ll all be summed up in one afternoon while I wear a stupid gown and wait patiently to take a piece a paper from someone important who, no doubt, I’ll have never seen before in my life. Yay.

And I still don’t know what’ll be under the gown because I sure as hell do not have anything suitable to wear. Shall I rock up to the podium with just the gown hiding my dignity, hoping to god no stray winds will be in attendance at the event.

As well as my BIRTHDAY. 22 motherfucking years old. Shit is started to get REAAAAAAALL!!! I seriously need to start accomplishing somethings in this life of mine.

That’s a fair whack of stuff solely for one day. I wonder how much I can fit in?

Oh and according to the ol’ Wikipedia it’ll be the 60th anniversary of the Manhattan Project.

Also found out today that Harvey Pekar died two days ago. Lame. American Splendour, the film, is brilliant and I’m sure when I get round to reading American Splendour, the comic, it’ll be just as, or even better, than the film adaptation. I don’t claim to be a super fan or know much about the man but I really want to, if you understand this weird thought process. The man is a fucking legend though regardless of what I do or don’t know about him.



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