Marvel Studios News. It’s not good.

Well not in my eyes at least. They have announced that the upcoming Captain America and Thor films will be 3D. Yawn. Bored to hell with the whole 3D fad now, it seems to be such a gimmick. You can tell that it is due to the money hungry hollywood exec’s as the films are converted AFTER the production finishes, examples : Alice in Wonderland and Clash of the Titans. It just doesn’t work for me. Sometimes it works for the CGI movies and the films properly made for 3D (Avatar) but I don’t get the fascination with it. It has improved loads but it still isn’t there in terms of real outstanding, blowing your mind quality. I suppose the ‘Avengers’ film will also be in 3D too, y’know, just because…. Also wouldn’t surprise me if they tried to milk Batman even more.

Also more lame news from the Marvel Studios camp. The Hulk AKA Bruce Banner AKA Edward Norton has been shafted from the role. There are two stories going around: it was either something to do with his fiery temperament on set or that the producers just made the decision to axe him. It’s the whole he said this thing/he said that thing. Here seems to be a statement from Norton himself:

Ed Norton Hulk NoteBasically all I know is he’s gone and will need replacing. I hate it when they replace actors in roles that are ongoing, for me that just destroy’s any sense of connection of character and realism that we have. I thought he was good in the role and there is plenty of rumours already flying about to who will replace him. Apparently Mark Ruffalo is in talks to become The Hulk . How much of this is internet rumour and how much is true is speculative right now but can’t say that I’d be too unhappy with that choice. Another interesting thing that I’ve read is maybe instead of having an actor play Bruce Banner…… just have a CGI Hulk ?


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