Friday Night.

Wow, this weekend was long, expensive, equal parts brilliant and disappointing as well as a few cinema trips thrown in. Been wearing my suit from graduation (yes it was on friday, mention more a bit later) all weekend and monday; very gross I know but I was seeing the girlfriend for a rare weekend where she’s not working. Basically the last few days went like this:

Friday The 16th

Rushed round like a crazed chicken getting ready for graduation as well as trying to arrange a party for myself AFTER my graduation/slash birthday meal with the ‘rents. Hectic. Wasn’t a a good plan to buy my tie an HOUR before the ceremony whilst also returning a shirt; not helped in anyway by by slow family. Eventually I made it to city hall, got my gown, got some of the obligatory are-we-proud-of-our-boy photos right before rolling into the ceremony.

BA Film and Video… are MINE!

After some more posed photos and an epic Chinese meal at The Happy Gathering, I met a small contingent of my friends in town. I can’t blame anyone for the turnout; it was wet, everyone I know is poor and it was pretty late to start drinking, but I am glad for those who did. From there on the night got worse. As it was my birthday I wanted to get loaded on cocktails before going deeper into town. I took the guys to this place I know used to know called Rococo’s. By God, has it changed. It’s gone from a nice, calm, relaxing, low-key and professional place to a sleazy, dingy, hole of a bar; it had basically turned into a feeder pub for the strip club beside it. I was not fucking impressed. I had taken my friends there thinking it was the place I used to know and now it was this!?! Anyway I thought ‘Maybe the cocktails are still good’……wrong. If it wasn’t bad enough to be drinking one poorly made and rushed cocktails it was two for one, so we had twice as much swill to vanquish before leaving. By the time we left it was too late to get into our main destination, Clwb Ifor Bach, as the bouncers said it was ‘too full’ even though we clearly see people leaving and entering. This sucked major balls due to the fact EVERYONE WE KNEW FROM GRADUATION WAS PRETTY MUCH IN THERE!

By going to that fucking dive that is now Rococo’s I had ruined everyone’s night.

We ended up going to a dead metro’s for about hour before heading home.

Apart from the awesome company, it was a failure of a night.

The next day was very cool though as we went to see Inception……..but more about that tomorrow.


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