Pokémon Black?

Check this out. After trawling the internet all of yesterday on the fruitless search for a job I found this.

As a fan of the original Pokémon gameboy game this sounds pretty eerie, weird and altogether awesome! It’s a hack of the original Red/Blue game and it’s called Pokemon Black, if it exists that is. You begin with your starter Pokemon (Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle…..as if you didn’t know :P) as well as one called Ghost.

And it only get’s weirder from there so……. check it out and read it here. DO IT!

I wonder if it’s real or not? It sounds brilliant but too good to be true. I can imagine if I actually played the game (if it exists) and had no idea about it and this actually happened, i’d totally freak out. The fact it plays around with the actual hardware of the gameboy (blacking the screen out) and the normal conventions of what we expect from a game, let alone a pokemon game, sounds absolutely freaking brilliant. It reaches out in a kind of metaphysical way and elicits a real fear of not understanding what the fuck is going on in our own hands…….if the game exists that is.

The only other game that I know of that really messed around with your head while you played it was Metal Gear Solid and the whole Psycho Mantis battle.

The linked article was originally found at Boing Boing.


2 thoughts on “Pokémon Black?

  1. woah, if this is real, I want to try it out! there’s so many weird hacked versions of pokemon games like pokemon orange and pokemon team rocket edition o.O

    • Yeah does sound awesome! I wanna see all the hacks! haha if they sound anything as cool as ‘Black’ I definitely want to know about it.

      Team rocket edition sounds amazing just by its name alone.

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