Some Cool Apps I’ve Found Lying Around.

These are some apps that I have recently been using. They are pretty sweet and so I thought ‘hmm maybe you’ll find them useful too.’ Enjoy.

Seen a lot of Polaroid emulating programs as of late, especially on the iPhone, but this one is for the desktop. It’s called Poladroid and it’s pretty snazzy. Adds not just the border but a blur effect as well as some vignetting and all the other artifacts you’d find with a Polaroid picture. Also you can still shake it like a Polaroid picture. Fact.

Gives some real cool results as you can see.

Snazzy Man thinking he is from InceptionApparently the reason it’s been rejected for the iPhone is because it has been rejected for the results being TOO much like a Polaroid?!? What the hell! That’s the whole point of it. Read the article here.

I haven’t got the chance to do this yet but am dying to try it (no paper in the printer see 😡 ) It’s a kind of service/app/thing that you can do at You basically print off this sheet and write each letter down then show your web camera the results, line up the grids, make some last minute changes and presto you get your own handwriting as a font! Boom.

Although I’m sure it not as simple as that. Read more about it here.

I like Front Row on my mac. I do. But I read somewhere that this was better, it’s a program called Plex. On first glance it definitely looks better than Front Row and more dynamic with more things to do but I’m not sure if it beats it’s simplicity. I’m still working out the kinks on it if I’m going to be totally honest. I hope it’s easier than it looks to use. We’ll see. Check it out here Plex.

I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard of this app, but I’m going to drop it in hear anyway. It’s TweetDeck. I’m using it right now! Ha! To be fair it lays out all the ingredients of Twitter in a much more better format that the actual Twitter website. Also it allows you to connect not just to your Twitter account but also Facebook and MySpace(if anyone is still using that).


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