Just got some photos is all……

Over the past few weeks been compiling a load of interesting and crazy pictures I’ve seen on the internet. I thought I might as well release the beast now before it gets to mammoth. So enjoy!

Here’s a crazy diagram on explaining all the different story arcs and action in Inception. If you haven’t seen it, why not?

As were on the subject, heres another Inception based picture. With Xzibit.

Yo dawg, you saw this coming…

Heres an advert I came across on BoingBoing.net. The detail on the photo below is insane. Those tattoos on the lego man are actually DRAWN ON! No shit. It’s to promote a new pen by some company to prove just how SUPER ULTRA FINE the tip is. I think it worked.


And also here’s something that mixes Lego and Inception! Lego Wiz Re-Creates Zero-Gravity Inception Scenes (wired.com) So much Inception this post…

This is a pretty mad photo. See that bright, yellow sparkly stuff coming from the helicopter’s blades? That is apparently electrical discharge. How SWEET does it look! Here are more photos of it.

Cool Looking Helicopter Static Electricity Effect

Here are the other photos that I can’t share with you because of right-click code preventing me from showing you (CURSES!) but yeah are the sites:

A mad pixellated Cosplay suit

Every incarnation of Mario conceived – although I don’t believe it, it still is a cool nostalgic reminder

A poster for The Expendables with each actor’s body-count.

And to finish it off a crazy Japanese Duck princess -you will have to scroll down to see her!

Oh and here is an egg and a mousetrap….


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