The Show That is Shooting Stars!

Considering the current series has ENDED (I know, I know I can’t believe it either) I have decided to smash together a rough collection of random hilarity from the show. It’s the best I could do with what I could find online. We got some shizz from the newer series and some oldies as well. You should go get yourself a cup of tea for this because there is A LOT of crap that I’m about to show you.

The Coldland Ad.

One of the first skits I saw on the new series. Fucking hilarious.

Tiny Eye’s song

There is something both funny and disturbing about those tiny eyes.

Head Expansion.

I originally wanted to put the opening from the Xmas episode with the bag on head but couldn’t find it. But this will suffice.

Fruit Defense.

Going old-school here. Early appearance of David Walliams here as the amazingly named ‘Soft Alan’.

Jack Dee withstanding the Force of Opera.

To see the eternally sullen Jack crack is a feat. An amazingly hysterical feat.

Jack Dee at The British Comedy Awards 2007 at ...

Image via Wikipedia

“Jack Dee with your face like an abandoned greenhouse.”

Jazz Pancake/Omlette.

I literally have no idea how to explain this. Just watch.

Washing Machine.

I actually never saw this on T.V. and came across it while searching for the others on this list but it cracked me up and so it’s here!

Bucket and Burps.

Just some old-school classic slapstick.

The Power of Poultry.

Transferring madness into poultry. Nuff said.

Yeah there is still more videos to go through. Maybe time to take a break? Check Facebook? Have a piss? Another cup of tea?

Right up next are the songs of the one and only George Dawes. Although he is gone from the present series we still have this riiiiiduckulous songs by him.


This song has the best comedic pause in a song I can think of. It still gets me.

Too Shy

A mash-up of two VERY different songs.


The song in one of the newer Xmas episodes, showing us he can still crank the funny out.


Fact: this is where the look for Andy Pipkin came from for Little Britain. PEAAAANUUTTSS!

It’s ok there’s only a few more videos. I basically think it would be actually cruel if I didn’t show you some of Vic and Bob’s other stuff from outside the show Shooting Stars. I’m not sure of the origins of all these sketches but I’m sure they are from ‘Bang Bang…’ and ‘The Smell of…’


A classic. Deeply disturbing and funny as fuck.


I love this sketch so much. It’s sad and amusing and strange and a 100% amazing. I have nothing else to say but watch it.

Ship’s Engine

Basically the same style of sketch like the monkey one but featuring more weirdness and explosions.

Cleaning Products

All I am going to say about this one is WATCH IT UNTIL THE END. The ending is amazing.

That’s it. I hope that sated your desire for the weird and the wonderful that Shooting Star’s provides you.

Until next time you crazy bastards….


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