It’s been awhile since I’ve done anything here, for many a reasons that I’m sure i’ll go into in some detail at some point later in the future, but for now I have yet another collection of videos I have compiled for you to televisually feast on!

Below is the new trailer for the gaming series Bioshock. It takes the whole game into a new direction, I won’t say where though. It’s going to be called Bioshock Infinite. Just watch the video.

Right the next video is completely unrelated. I found it on a mate’s Facebook page and lovingly ripped it from there. It features a young Tom Jones as a gyrating madman. That dude can fucking move! You have been warned.

I have no idea how I found this but thought it was cool. And here it is.

It was going to happen sooner or later, an Arnie video! How could it not?! Here are two, yes TWO, videos. The first one is showcasing all the freaking hilarious quotes from all his movies and the other is a twist on a well-known saga.

Here’s another video relating to a film that Arnie is in. Just seen it this second and it’s kind of funny but you have to see it here!

I saw this trailer last week and thought it was hilarious. I’m still not sure if it’s new or old or real or a pisstake but I just don’t care. BLACK DYNO-MIIIITTTTTTE!

I think it’s real…… Is that the guy from Reno 911

And to finish things off why not some demon sheep? This is so bad. I cannot believe this was actually for someone’s campaign and PAID for.

Also I thought I chuck in some MUSIC LIKE VIDEOS here in at the end.

Cee Lo’s new song. So appropriate right now.

The Bedroom Intruder Song. If you are an internet fiend you must have heard this.

Piece de Resistancé!


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