Interesting Comic Book Based Stuff. Mouthful.

Been collecting a lot on interesting articles based in or around the comic book community, old and new. Here it is. I’ve been meaning to put this up sooner after I’ve elaborated on it more but haven’t got round to doing it.. just enjoy!

I think I came across this article through a link on someone’s twitter. Read it. He talks about some crazy stuff involving drugs etc and how he lived with it.

Here is an article I came across on the BBC news site about how some universities are using examples of certain comic book heroes to display philosophical ideas. Imagining doing a course in Batman and Philosophy? Amazing.

An awesome piece about what those crazy japanese people have done to certain characters and even real people to make them more appealing (apparently) to their home market. Check out the Super Saiyan-like Hitler. Fuck yes.

Following the comic book theme, imagine this……Real Superpowers! Yeah, I know, it’s kind of a stretch but cool nonetheless.

Big fan of this guy, Alan Moore, he speaks some good shit. Love the fact that he looks pretty much like Rasputin. Legend

Alan Moore (7872)

Alan Moore

One last thing that I found randomly. Basically one of the writers for Futurama actually worked out and proved a theory for one of the new episodes. How fucking brilliant and clever is that?!


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