A Little Bit Of Some Crazy Shit.

Right I got some cool and interesting, possibly even scary, possibly even WTF things to show you.

I can’t remember how came across this but this thread is amazing. It is literally a list of things that are ready to blow your mind. I could literally read it for hours. Look at it here! Prepare to put some time aside for this, it’s a killer.

This was lovingly stolen from Derren Brown’s blog. It shows water doing what it isn’t supposed to. Watch! Read the original thing here.

Basically this writes itself. A Radical Pessimist’s Guide to the Next Ten Years. Quite hilarious, possible truth?

Check this out! Lightning hitting the Statue of Liberty! Story here at BBC news.

Lightning strikes the Stature of LIberty

Just to take a little break from the crazy (kinda) is this:

Jackass in 3D!?!? I’m not sure it needs it but I can’t wait for this. Good old-fashioned fucking about.


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