Already Onto the Next Weekend

So yeah this weekend was fucking brilliant. A punk gig at a ridiculous early time followed by drinking all day topped off with a party, among other things! Ha! But something has arrived today that has me excited for the next weekend. HALLOWEEN IS GOING TO LITERALLY KICK-ASS THIS YEAR! MUhahaha! This video sums up basically everything right now:

As its halloween I thought I put up some shit at least relating to it. For the last couple of years I have been making my own brand of blood for the event but each yeah I seem to forget the recipe just that bit more so it’s great that I found this. This guy is Mark Gatiss, one of the men from the The League of Gentlemen. He is cool dude who clearly loves horror, probably more than me. Check it out.

Also my costume is fucking amazing but so are these. Check out the disabled guy as a TIE fighter and the dog as the U.S.S. Enterprise! Amazing! Also on the site it has that video of that transformer costume that actually transforms! If you haven’t seen it check it out NOW! Click on dog to see the full thing.

Now at any Halloween party you are going to need some food. Make these.


Also if you find a way somehow to infuse them with booze let me know.

And just a little video here of the new Fallout which I need to get. Apparently it’s quite glitchy though and this kinda proves it. It’s kinda freaky but hilarious.




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