It’s been a busy week…

Jesus has it been busy.

First it was Halloween, which has RIDICULOUSLY fun! Possibly the best one I’ve ever had. Also being dressed as Kick-Ass was fucking awesome, in fact it was so amazing that I won a prize! It’s a shame that the costume has been absolutely fucked up.  Here is a picture to sum up the night:

Fucking incredible.

Also in this week I’ve seen THE FUCKING DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN! It was pretty awesome, although I was expecting the crowd to be more insane if I’m going to be honest. It feels fucking sweet to have seen them though as they are one of my favourite bands. I also got to see Alexisonfire too in the week with one of my mates from uni who havent seen in a while which was fucking cool. And on the saturday, as if I hadn’t seen enough bands, I got to shake my ass to Chromeo. Sucks that I found no one to go with but fuck it, it was awesome anyway. Check it:

As well as all this I’m also, I have no idea how, seeing a super hot woman 🙂 I have no complains though. It’s crazy, I honestly don’t know how it happened but it did and it’s fucking awesome! So yeah…..things are pretty fucking great at the moment, although I think my bank balance has been royally fucked in the ass over the past week.

Update: I’ve added a load more links to my page from my mates, so check it out.




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