More Videos….

Allo! It’s been a fair while since I’ve put up anything here so I thought I would bombard you some more videos I have found over the course of the last few days. A mix bag ranging from the weird and funny to factual stuff. Enjoi!

Robots are getting freakier. Fact. Check out this ‘Divabot’ from the motherland of robots Japan.

Some completely high guy laughing at a glitch in Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. Oddly compelling to watch.

A very strange film effect caught on a mobile I think. Pretty mad.

All these other videos are linked so look out for them!

This would be a cool visual riddle, if you will, to show people. Check it out here.

Marc Zuckerberg (yes THAT Marc Zuckerberg of Facebook fame) gives a talk on the actual facts of The Social Network. Interesting stuff although I haven’t actually been to see it yet. Watch here.

The lameness that is Scientology. This was a panorama investigation into the pseudo-religion back in 2007. The reporter John Sweeney had an infamous blown out with one of the members from the church and recently gone back to look into Scientology again. These are just clips of the two shows but if you can check them out fully.

Just two more cartoons to lighten the mood a bit.

Just this minute watched this. It’s a little series that’s just started I think and it’s awesome. The voice acting is hilarious. Check it here  it’s called Leo & Satan.

Another Pokémon related thing (there are a few here aren’t there?). It’s funny as and features the retarded Snorlax. Watch Snorlax Vs. Snorlax.


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