So this is the weekend that I had been planning for fucking time and I haven’t even packed a goddamn thing. I’m off to Amsterdam for the weekend which should be interesting. Going with these two little bitches:

To be fair this is a really old photo of the two of these urchins.

I’ve been planning this as a getaway from the horrible pain and shittiness of my break-up with my last girlfriend but now the time has come to actually go and I’m pretty much basically COMPLETELY over her! (Ha in fact I’ve somehow found someone else in the mean time, WHAT THE FUCK?! How did I manage that? Answers on a postcard…) Which is a great feeling, now I can go and just enjoy this holiday. In fact this is going to be my first holiday where I am actually going for no reason but to relax. Sure I’m still going to do some shit; see some museums, visit a few café’s, get a bit wrecked and wander the red light district. Can’t bloody wait. Also apparently I’ve been paid today too so visiting the place with a wad of cash! Lucky fucking bonus!

Now I should REALLY go pack my ass up.

Right. To the Dam I go!


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