The Return to Normality

Flag of Amsterdam. The official city motto is ...

Back from my brief excursion to the wonderful city of Amsterdam. I’m not sure if it was the muddled weather, the impending festive season or the sickly smell of marijuana floating around but the whole place had a strange magical presence. It was definitely an experience. It feels almost strange to be back in Wales, a land of normality. Well normal in the fact that weed and prostitutes are illegal.

Half the time we didn’t know where we were, no not due to drug intake but actually due to our deliberate attempt to tackle this city. We maneuvered through what I’d like to think is the majority of the city centre. As you could just there were those infamous coffee shops EVERRRRRRYYWHERE!  A few canals spread throughout and a handful of really beautiful, magnificently huge buildings; although no idea what school of design/period there come from. Each house and building beside these great and gorgeous  structures could be forgotten, but in fact due to their idiosyncratic and quaint you spend just as much time analyzing these too. In fact on further inspection you realise just how many of the buildings are unique in how they are made up. It’s remarkably beautiful to see.

Next to our ramblings through the city we also put aside some time to do the stereotypical Amsterdam tourist things. Y’know, visit the Red Light District, get high, see the Anne Frank house and see some Van Gogh. We basically got to do all these, some more than others, explaining why we missed the anne frank house :S

A view of two brothels in a small street in Am...


First I’ll start with the Red Light District. Oh my, how hilariously fun is this stretch of canal. Woman in windows, some hot and some munting, all eyeing you up, red neon plastered on every available window as well as more coffee shops; with added pubs. Also I nearly forgot to mention the live sex shows! On more than one occasion I got curious about these, but I’m pretty sure I’d just end up laughing at a man nailing a woman or worse, get jizzed on.


Next the coffee shops. Now this is a wide varying nugget. Some places are chilled, some aren’t, some are cosy, some aren’t, such a wide range of them. Also the menu of weed is pretty awesome. Having a spliff and a nice cuppa was pretty good. It’s odd how obvious it all seems to come together. Such a different vibe from a pub. Also another thing I nearly forgot to mention, space cakes! Ha they are fun, although the shits the morning after aren’t a great consistency but that could have been down to general diet.

We visited the Van Gogh Museum, which was nice. It went through all his different styles he went through in his life as well as showing the painters and paintings that inspire him at the time. Was great although I wish I had re-energised myself with some form of coffee or food as I felt that I was going to faint at points. But all in all it was a great exhibit. The only complaint I have about it is that outside aesthetically it look fucking atrocious. It’s basically just a set of cubes smashed together with some awful texture smeared all over them.

So overall this trip was great, apart from the 3 hour delay at Cardiff airport due to the snow. I urge anyone to go there and experience it.

One last thing to add. I can’t believe LESLIE NIELSON has died. Fucking sucks. As I was writing another article I came across this video which was a bit spooky considering I’ve just returned from there.

This is by far the longest block of text I’ve written I guess.


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