On the 12th Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me…

A few more hours in bed and a nice cup of tea.

So right haven’t been on this for a while true to the sheer amount of busy-ness(?) of my life as of late. Been down to Stevenage to see my dad off for Christmas which has a fucking laugh and basically a little christmas of our own. So right now I am totally in full-blown chrimbo mode, which has been a long time coming to be honest. I’m usually quite excited about Christmas but this year there’s been a bit of a slow start….. but I’m here now! Need to finish off my present shopping now….

Also life has generally been getting better. All my creativity and drive has come back so expect some big things from me in the new year. You can thank my family, the lovely Miss Abi Trotman and my badass friends for this. But yeah life is fucking sweet at the moment.

And as there are only TWELVE days till the day of CHRISTMAS I set myself the challenge of posting something for each day. Today I can only think of one thing. It’s been in my head ever since visiting London’s winter wonderland on the weekend where I heard it. I completely forgot they released a Christmas song but here it is. It’s not big and it’s not clever…..

The Darkness- Don’t Let The Bells End


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