On The 5th Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me…

A surprise gift from work and a mild nosebleed…

Right I have a bumper gift to show you so get ready. It’s a shit load of arty goodness for your brunch/lunch/whatever meal is appropriate for whatever time you read this.

Now check out this sculptures. How ridiculously good to they look? It’s by an artist by the name of Sam Jinks. They are creepily life-like. I love this fox one. I want to be part animal…



Next piece I’m going to show you is more of a preview of a book or something but still deserves a look. It’s basically looking at drain covers.….but in Japan, so you know it’s going to be crazy.

These paintings are ridiculous. Accordingly to the website it is my a man named Tom Martin “a hyperrealist painter”. Sounds about right.

This next bit is cool. It’s more of an installed piece that the others. They are sculptures that look like they are in motion. It’s by a sculptor by the name of Claire Morgan. They look awesome. Also feature more taxidermised animals which I’m sure Abi will appreciate.

Amazing sculptures that look like they are in motion (5)

So there you have it people, a nice whack of art to look over and hopefully inspire you. And next is the obligatory christmas song!

I had no idea that these dudes had a christmas song but yes they do. I only came about this through the gash playlist at work.

Queen – Thank God It’s Christmas


I came across this article whilst writing this post and it HAS to go in.  There is an artist in Thailand called Kittiwat (no lies) who is creating grotesque sculptures of decapitated human heads and limbs out of bread…..yes bread. Also you can eat them, in fact that’s part of the point. That is one of the ways you can engage with this guy’s art. Is it weird that I want to eat a human face…made of bread?


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