On the 4th…..Ahh IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE!

For some unusual reason, I’M REALLY FUCKING EXCITING!

I missed all the other days of Christmas due to being away from the computer. So, as it’s Xmas eve I’m going to try to make it up to you. Here are a bunch of random photo’s ranging from the weird to the wonderful and an interesting story about a man and another type of camera.

The first link is for 35 Award winning Photographs. Some are awesome, some not as much. Take a gander. If anyone knows the place below tell me so I can move in there.

Myanmar Cave

Next it’s time for what the internet is best at: showing you weird shit. You never know it might provoke a cheap laugh

And let’s hope your parents don’t think this will make a good pet for you this Christmas.


Although this monkey is rocking this little get-up. It’s probably cruel but, hey, he don’t seem to bothered.


Now check this out. Some professor from New York has SURGICALLY ATTACHED A CAMERA TO THE BACK OF HIS HEAD. I think that deserved it’s caps. Re-blog from Mr Derren Brown.


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