Right, back to it…

Hi and welcome to 2011! Although we are a good five days in I thought I’d welcome you anyhow.

Not only have I been busy as tits celebrating the festivities (hope everyone had a merry Xmas/miscellaneous festive holiday and a happy new year), I have also been working. It’s been fucking lame as it’s been super busy and I don’t get paid any extra. Lame. And that is why I haven’t been on here properly. Also I have been CAINING Fallout: New Vegas in any of the spare time I’ve had. But now finally back to normal.

So I now have some nice Guy Fawkes/Western Gunslinger/Shakespeare/Trotsky beard moustache combo (and yes it looks amazing). And my friend now looks like a White Supremacist. Also firework burns cover me and a small contingent of my friends. Yes, this was the work of New Years. Was fucking amazing, even if I did work most of it. Just to whet your appetite:

Never thought I'd see it....a Manzillian

Some Hetero-on-Gay action...

Silman: The messiest photo I could find

Anyway back to more standard news. The other day I got an e-mail saying how many views and what not I had for 2010. I was impressed, about 1500, 47 747’s apparently….now back to something better. For some reason I had the urge to tell you this.

I also have a lot of shizz to give you. Presents if you will. LATE AS FUCK MERRY CHRISTMAS BITCHESS!:

This is something I found a way back. It’s called TubeDubber. It allows you to re-dub YouTube videos with any other audio that is on YouTube; so basically anything. Most shit you can conjure up is hilarious. I spend way to much time linked shit together. Check this out (if it works that is).

I’ve also had this for a while. It’s just cool more than anything. 3D 2D drawings? I dunno. Click here to waste 2 minutes of your life, you’ll only go and waste it on Facebook. There is probably a multitude of cool things on this website that I just haven’t got round to exploring.

Now this is cool, if it works that is. It is an e-mail plug-in to stop you sending passive aggressive e-mails. It sounds hilarious. Look at it here.

If you thought the thing about was funny look at this. A Facebook Sobriety test to stop you sending those fucking crazy drunken messages after your night out. I think we’ve all been there….

The next 2 are game related and, if were going to be specific, mainly Nintendo related. This is a funny picture of what happen in most rpgs from the mid 90’s to the mid 00’s. Not much fun unless you’ve played a game that this shit happens in EXACTLY (Chrono Trigger, I’m looking at you kid.)  The other thing I have to show you is a cartoon about Nintendo: Nin10Doh to the Sixty Fourth Power! Mind out the weird cartoon sexy animated animals….

Also I have to have a shout-out to Mr

Pete Postlethwaite

British actor Pete Postlethwaite, speaking at ...

Image via Wikipedia


As Stephen Fry said ” a sad way to start the year.”


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