The February (What a weird month name….)

Wow, I’ve gotten really bad at this! I suppose I haven’t really been at my computer a whole lot recently to do update my blog. Work (Note: need new job), writing, girlfriend, video games (I’m a nerd, ok? Ha) and general real-life things been taking precedent to be honest. So much shit has actually happened that it seems weird to talk about it now. So this is more of an update to try to get myself back into this; it’s actually a super boring post to be honest for anyone that isn’t me which, last time I checked is the rest of the world.

Good news for me is that I am going to Rome  at the end of the week with the missus for some Valentines fun times AKA fucking like wild monkey banshees. As well as looking at some old ruins, bones, popes and shizz. Gonna be good.

I should probably try to start doing this more weekly, get back into the swing of things y’know.

I think I’m just going to leave a load of random links here in the form of photo’s. They are funny, in a depressing sort of way. It’s kind of like a spring cleaning of the weird shit I have found over the months.

A funny bunch of fake security messages. Good for a quick laugh.

Depressed Keanu.

5 Reasons The Future Will be Ruled by Bullshit.



Also R.I.P. Gary Moore. Such a shame. He’ll always remind me of my friend and for imbuing him with an enthusiasm for the guitar.


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