Bet you’ve seen them too.

Over the past few weeks, possibly months, I’ve been coming across all these kind of sites. I think they interest me so much as they are all kept on by the participation of the public as well as some on the entries being genuinely funny (especially DYAC). So check them out:

First is It’s basically all the stupid messages you create on your phone due to the auto-spelling thing. This site is about the auto-correct on iPhones specifically but it happens on most phones now, right?

Then we have I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. We’ve all been there. I have. Some of its tragically funny, some of it’s funnily tragic and some is all in between.

Here is a more highbrow (well, compared to the other ones), more personal and probably more meaningful one. It’s called postsecret and you’ve probably all seen it.

And now to take it down a couple of notches. A few more notches. Here we go, Absolutely ridiculous.

Whilst compiling this list I found this. Not quite the same as its not its own website but thought it deserved it’s place here. It’s the top 50 yahoo stupid questions and/or answers!


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