The Boy with Nuclear Hands

Hey I have something to FINALLY show you….

The teaser for my first online comic THE BOY WITH NUCLEAR HANDS! Quite exciting about this as it’s the first online media thing (aside from video) that I’ve done.

Click to view

It follows the life of The Boy as he tries to deal with the everyday nuances we live with whilst combating the disability of having….Nuclear Hands. It’s a strange mix of comedy, drama, and surrealism that won’t probably come across in this little teaser (when I say little, it’s little), but stay on course I promise it’ll get interesting.

It’s a strange mix of crude drawing, photography and digital art. So anyone expecting astounding, mind-blowing art, you will be sorely disappointed. The art style is to reflect the tone of the comic.

Anymore updates will be over in the Comics page.

Note: I am aware that basing a story around a character who is associated with the word ‘Nuclear’ is a bit sensitive due to the Japan incident, but the idea was created way in advance of the tragedy that befell Japan.


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