Sad strange little world we live in, this is for you.

I see many people throughout the day. In the street, out of windows, in work, in town. And you can see it in their faces; they’ve forgotten to live.

Is it an apathy towards life? Or even a nihilistic streak that seems to be streaming through everyone?

When did people have nothing to say? Do their dreams still exist?

As life goes on I feel I’m either going to morph into one of these blank people or become so alienated from that same crowd that I seem like a Fucking Psychopath. Either way I’m fucked.

The world is a strange place to me sometimes.

It’s not really that late. I’m just pretty tired. I feel like I should explain this more as I have more to say. But I’m just too tired. Night world XXX see you on the other side of the night.


p.s. it decided that a good tag to use would be ‘mental health’ and ‘disorders’. Calm down wordpress.


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