In honesty.

I was going to do the ultimate thing right now. I was going to lay out all the hateful messages that I’ve ever sent anyone. I want people to know how much of a dick I can be and to see if they’ll still accept as a friend. Because I can be a super, fucking, category 5 prick.

But considering how they are aimed at a person I care(d?) for there is a lot of embarrassing shit mixed up in there also. I come across like a right desperate horny little freak……which I suppose I am. It also doesn’t help that majority of these messages were written while I was supremely wasted.

Fuck it. I’ll do it after all.

Below is just an example of some of the vile shit I can send. I am not proud of what transpired in this messages, in fact I am almost ashamed. My anger shadowed the point of the message turning a statement into vile abuse. I believe in what I said but wish it came stripped of its hatred and violence and told in a much better manner. But this is me at my worse and I thought you should know.

If you want to read it highlight it. And then you can truly judge me.

you so gonna regret getting rid of me! 🙂 xxx
Whats up with your twitter Bish? xx
or dont say pfff! i hope your busy and not just galavanting around with your ex/future boyfriend. hahah xx
I dont get you. you say you wanna talk and be friends but can never spare more than a few words for me.Probably doesnt help that I always assume your with Al, falling back in love, talking to him like you did me when we met just all make me all arrrrrrrbaaaarblubiepaaaaaarrrr!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!

sorry ive been thinking about shit all day. xx

HAhahahahaha. i see your going to see him again.fucking get it over and done with and just back with him please. its fucking obvious.
Sorry.I’m just beginning to realise how much of a fucking fool you have made of me. Straight up rebound. I feel like a fucking joke.I hope your happy.


Sorry for the no restraint or thinking before sending the message. I’m a mess.Seeing you was still awesome I dont get how you dont get it? And I dont get how you still like Al? he fucked you up so much and you still choose him over me. fsghdfghjdghjwhats wrong with this place sfghfsghsrhdssdht xxxxx

You are a fool and a sucker to think that a lifetime in and out or a relationship with that man is going to be good for you.From rebound jacob. an honest message. xxx
ACTUALLY DONT READ ANY OF THIS!although i do believe everything about it. I say it in a nasty sorry. i just didnt know i liked you so much and meant so little to you.

ill talk to you when ive calmed down and maybe we can do something.

again im sorry being your psycho ex.


I dont mean to do this to you but considering how fucking cowardly abi is being at the mo do you reckon you could convince her to at least try to give me a hearing?i need to lay a few things to rest. She doesnt seem to realise this. because she is possibly the unassuming selfish person i know.xxp.s. i know shes your best friend. but im drunk. and super pissed off.

Next time your fucking abi could you tell the lying coward to call me?

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