We should have known what was going to happen.

The week was meant to be me looking for a job. Like fuck that happened. How on earth can I ignore the sun blazing in through my window? It entices me with its happy fucking sunbeams! Not only that but, knowing our amazing british weather, I have no idea when we’ll get another one of these spasmodic sunny breaks. Grab it by the goddamn horns. You have to.

Another reason for not doing any of the plans I had were birthdays. Chinner’s and Dan’s because you know who they are. Especially the past monday where I do apologise if I acted like a twat. I honestly haven’t got a fucking clue what happened, feel free to fill me in.

Although I did make these:

Chilli fucking cheese bites! (pre-batter)

You should check out I heard that Daniel Streeter… soon for a major spunkload of updates

Back to the twat thing for a second. I decided that I need a reminder. I’m not the nice guy I thought I was. So heres the reminder:

It is quite satisfying to give yourself your own tattoo.

And with that I am off to cook a fucking huge steak. Get outside and enjoy the sun



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