I drank so much Anti-Christ I forgot which faith I was facing.

Long overdue update for this. Have been busy travelling and frequently gigs around England….kinda. Seeing Eels in Brighton was awesome, although expensive as shit! Going to other places you realise how bloody cheap Cardiff can be. Then after that Sonisphere at Knebworth. Way too much to talk about and not much you’d find interesting. More of a you had to be there kinda thing, like most festivals are. It’s my MOTHERFUCKING BIRTHDAY tomorrow so I thought I’d have a little write-up.

I don’t think I have ever had a period of time in my life where I have drunk booze almost every single day. I’m on a drifty, bloaty cloud that’s just balancing on a line called reality. Very odd feeling I have right now. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to have a break after my party due to my health/bank balance. Both have been F’d in the A.

By the way if you are reading this you are invited to get fucked up with me tomorrow. In person or not.

Check out I Heard Daniel Streeter…. a lot of much-needed caption photo things. Prepare yourself for tomorrow’s…..It’s going to fucking stink out your eyes.

I thought I have written something more worthwhile for you to read but for the life of me can not think of anything worthwhile! I’m sorry for wasting your time guys!

P.S. Writing this while having a face painted like a bear has just made it all the more awesome.


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