My inconsistency amazes me. Yet again I have my invisible hat of creativity back on after it being knocked off by the cunt known as Life (well the shit aspects of).

Basically I am in the process of developing a surreal short called Lazarus. Nothing crazy just something to actually film and get my fingers all jiggery and pokery. More will come regarding that baby.

But then after that I wanna do something longterm a series of some sort. But AS I am the inconsistent man I have a collection of unfinished and unfulfilled projects. Rather than just randomly restart one I thought I throw it out there and see which one sounds the most interesting.

So……what the fuck do you all wanna see me do?

Manimals: An office sitcom with anthropomorphic animals. Sounds exactly like that. Would be a limited animation with voice acting and all that shizzam. Kinda like Sealab 2021, Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

You are Here: An animated photocomic. IMAGINE a mix of Lost, X-files, Heroes and The Prisoner. It’s kinda like that. It’s a mysterious beast.

The Boy with Nuclear Hands: I have a preview of this already up. How do you live your live like that? It’s basically a weird slice of life/superhero comic.

Currently unnamed Armageddon project: Have the script and the zest, but lost my artist. Find me a new one or convince her I’m not a super mecha-prick and then we can do that. Basically a realistic (slightly) telling of what would happen to this world if (or when) Armageddon strikes.

They you have it. One comedy, one surreal drama, one semi superhero story and an action based epic saga.


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