Been back in the creative mood and decided as a starter to try to jumpstart my BRAIN and FINGERS into making shit I’d make a little post of all the recent stuff I’ve done to spur me onto BETTER stuff.

But as I started this I realised that there was this site DEVIANTART that I had an account on. I say this as no one knows it but, come on, everyone knows it, right? Well I haven’t been on it in probably about…..4 to 6 years? Christ it’s changed. And my shit is embarassing. Theres a link on this page. It’s not hard to find but I’m not going to tell you where it is. WARNING: IT’S ABOUT 90% SHIT ART.

Current new art thingys I’ve done:

I thought I genuinely had more images to put up here. They must still exist either: in my book or in my head.

And here’s one blast from the past:

I feel like I’ve cheated you with this post so here is some actual DECENT art to feast your eyes on.

Digital Cubism

Gifs aplenty here and here.

Retired Superheroes by Donald Soffritti

Retired Superheroes

Note: check out the car photos at end. Pretty cool.

Personnages de dessins animés revisités en 3D 8 15 Personnages de dessins animés recréés en vrai

Cartoons in CGI

Other Posts with Arty Shit here:

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