I remember Halloween… barely.

Last night was good. Not too pissed or too uncomfortable in costume. I was meant to be some sort of Victorian style of werewolf but instead came across more like beast from X-men ‘attending a wedding’, as someone said.

X-men's beast or Victorian werewolf?

I learnt at least three things from last night.

1. Hadyn (a friend) is a secret optometrist and that wearing contacts the wrong way round for over three hours is just simply retarded. I thought the painful watery eyes were a natural reaction to me sticking shit in my eye and not the fact they were in the wrong way round.

2. Wearing fake nails limits you from doing pretty much anything at all, which is quite important on a night out. Ended up basically needing a carer. Also they never come off. In fact i am still wearing them as I type. Annoying as fuck.

3.  Good fangs are worth it, but don’t swallow them.


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