Wow, this time again?

Cannot believe that it is christmas time again. It has seemed to have gone so quick…or has it? Everyone says how quickly time flies by but when you stop for a second and think about all to yourself, the events of the past year, good and bad, you realize just how much shit you’ve done. The year is all but over; just the festivities of christmas left to cap it off.

But just stop and think about EVERYTHING you’ve done this year. A lot of shit, right? Some of it hilarious, some of it awe-inspiring, some of it downright dreadful and all the bits between.

Not there is no point thinking or regretting anything you have done. It’s happened already. Just evolve, adapt and learn from the bad shitty times and celebrate the victories. And prepare for the New Year of 2012. And make it a good one because apparently it’s out last.

This was originally meant to be a christmas themed post, kinda got lost in the ramble.

I’m finding it rather hard to get in the christmas mood this year. I think I’ve finally entered the dreaded stage of ‘Adult’ where all fun and festive spirit has been worn away. I hope not and I hope I turn it around in a few days. Because I used to love Christmas. Just check out all my last years post’s!:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9

I’m sure when I get into the mood they will be more Xmas themed posts.

In the mean time I think I going to try to start buying presents.



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