Start As I Mean To Go On.

So the last post was a tiny bit morbid, I admit it. This one is more upbeat I promise. Especially since I’ve been let out of work a mere 6 hours early.

Like I said in the last post I have barely been doing at all. Literally my days of late have been filled with playing video games (mainly killing dragons…come on what did you expect? Skyrim is the shitttt!) and watching TV all the while eating expensive chocolates for sustenance. But it’s getting to the point where I’m feeling pretty pointless about my life. There is only so much lounging about you can do before needed to do something constructive. Or is that just me?

Need to learn to drive. Need to move out. Need to get back into the gym. Need to finish writing Manimals (I know, I know I keep going on about it!). Need to draw more cool shit as well as design. Need to party more and see friends; far and wide. Need to get out there and get some goddamn experience so this £15,000 degree doesn’t go to bloody waste!

Basically get my ass into gear. There’s a lot of shit to do but it’s possible. x


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