Creeping Dilemma

Ever since I found out about the awesome Coachella line-up yesterday I’ve had such a tough time to try and not go. I can afford it. It’s a fucking lot but very doable.

But then theres another thing. Looking at my money for Coachella, I realised that I could actually afford to move out. It would be fucking sweet. But as sweet as Coachella? It’s literally short term Vs. the long term. And I can’t make up my mind.

Short term: Trip to fucking america to a festival to see, not one, but TWO of my favourite bands that I thought I’d never get to see reformed.

Long term: Get a house and move on with my fucking life and live with my lovely lady.

Oh, then there is paying off my student overdraft; the intended use for all this money I’ve been saving. The way I see it I highly doubt there is going to be anyone to go to Coachella with. Maybe I might not even get tickets, taking the decision from my hands.

Fuck. This sucks. Maybe they’ll play some other festivals near me…..


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