Full Gear.

Back up and running to the standard I like. It’s a good feeling. Getting back into my creative ways and back again looking for that elusive thing: a job I’d ENJOY! Rare as Charizard Shiny.

I remember a time kids went apeshit for these. I should know; I was one of those kids!

Need to start freshening up those CV’s and e-mailing the shit out of people. I’m basically looking for a job in TV/Film production and as I have no prior experience thus am more than likely going to have to work for free. The whole problem is though: how do you get a job with no experience to gain experience? Not to blow my own trumpet but I believe I’m more than capable to be a runner and have a degree in said field. So what am I missing? It would be easy to say I’m shit with people; I’m not great but I can hold a conversation with people. Is it fear? No one likes being rejected but that is a major part of job-hunting nowadays. Am I looking in all the wrong places? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because everything I seem to be applying to is online. What I wouldn’t give to be able to talk to them face to face.

And as time goes by I ever get more anxious. What if I do somehow land a job I like…… and forget how to do EVERYTHING I’VE EVER LEARNT! To quote Steve Carrell character in 40yr old virgin:

“If you don’t use it, do you lose it?”

Enjoy this poorly ripped copy:

p.s. if somehow anyone out there wants to give me a job after reading this contact me.


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