If any one of you have been reading about my eBay fiasco on my Facebook or twitter you know it would have been that……. a fiasco I mean! Seriously though I need adult supervision while I’m on that site. Basically I was looking for a netbook; something more mobile that the 27″ beast I write this blog on. I want to get mobile god damn it! But this was no ordinary netbook I was looking for, no! This was a Hackintosh. Yes, you heard me.

I had been reading about this for a while and really fancied the sound of it. It is the process of changing a computer that generally uses the Window OS and changes it to an Apple OS.  It really makes sense to me as most of my other equipment is Apple but paying something like £700 plus for a laptop? Fuck that! I only want to write, surf the internet and do various other tidbits; no point in buying a whole Macbook. I already got a badass computer for all my graphical needs, don’t need another one. And I save myself a fair few pounds in the process. The fact I won’t have to convert files back and forth from Windows to OS X and risk any sort of corruption or errors is a sweet deal.

I wonder how many of you tried to click the button...

My original idea was to do it myself but that idea went out the window when I decided I had way more important shizz to do. So I looked for one that had already been hacked up and macked up for myself on ye oldé eBay. And to my avail there was one. Actually there were a few and that therein lied the problem; I ended up bidding on the majority of them. It turns out I’m pretty good at winning things on eBay.

And here is the beauty that I bought. Have to say I’m pretty stoked with my purchase.

The screen has a pretty nice resolution for something so small and controls pretty easy. I have literally just un boxed it so I think I need to have a little play around first before I really give my verdict. My first impressions are pretty good about it.




If you fancy having a bash yourself at getting your own either copy me or hack one yourself. There are details all over the net. Here are a few sites to visit:



– These two are Dell Netbook specific: 1 2


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