1 month in…

1 down, 11 more till the END OF THE WORLD!

God has just had enough and is going to snipe us out of existence from his extra-dimensional cloud. Totally going to happen.

Alright, I’ll stop mentioning that now. It’s getting old.

Anyway we are one month in and I was thinking: how many people have given up their new year’s resolution? I wonder how many people actually made one? Mine was more of a list of shit I need to buy. Bought one thing from it – a drumskin. It’s still not fitted yet due to the stupid amount of cold I am constantly feeling at the moment. Seriously though It won’t let me sleep and when I do it wakes me up early. I’m sure it’s going to make me crazy. Or seriously ill.

Back on topic. Are you keeping to your resolutions? Still being fit or not smoking/drinking? Stopped that nasty crack hobby yet? Retired your mistress from her duties? How are we doing here, covered all the bases yet?


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