Hello Facebook Timeline.

Just updated to the new Facebook Timeline layout. Bit odd but kind of makes sense in a way, although it did take me fucking ages to find my videos. Some people are complaining but, FUCK, they always complain when it changes and then 2 weeks in ‘Everything is fine!’

One thing about the timeline is showing exactly how much CRAP I’ve put up on it over the years. It’s slightly depressing to see photos you thought weren’t so long ago nearly 2 years old! In fact that’s all the new layout screams at  me –


Everything you wrote down, everything you did, everyone you did; all the evidence of random nights out, trips and birthdays; all the highs and all the lows. I knew that it was always there but the new layout just makes it more accessible and more in your face. I know you could say ‘Dude, just don’t look at it’ but I’m the curious type (and yes I am aware of the fate that befell the cat). I for one am not too keen on being reminded of the past, especially every time that I’m going to log on.

It makes me sad to see things that have passed and that will never be again as well as reliving things that I royally fucked up at the time. But there is another side. A more hopeful side. It shows the progress every one of your friends has made into making them who they are now and points them towards the people they shall one day become. I’m not going to pretend all the people I am ‘friends’ with are close to me, far from it, but I’d like to think that most people I have befriended on it have shown me something that I wouldn’t have otherwise seen or vice-versa.

It seems to weird to be dedicating a whole post to just one change on a social networking site but Facebook is not just a website anymore. It has become much more than that; it is a new platform for social interactions. It is a behemoth in the online world and is definitely as culturally significant as Google and possibly Apple.

It also makes sense though that this post talks about the past. In the past this wouldn’t have been anything to talk about, only affecting a niche group of users, but now is a different story with most people (I know) having a profile on it. I could go on forever about the way things have changed in technology and social communication through the years but I’m sure there is someone out there who is better informed in telling you hah!

5 years ago things were very different; things change and have to. Change grows you, teaches you things, gives you new friends, sadly takes some away, creates love and many of the other nuances of life. It’s what makes our human life’s so fantastic to live!

Wow. No idea where this all came from….

Oh right, the new Facebook layout.

p.s. Good luck on floating on the market today. $100 billion? Shitttttt…


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