Farewell Boys!

This weekend has been awesome. I say goodbye to two of my friends as the set off on their voyage around the world for a few months. It’s not a ‘goodbye’ goodbye; it’s not like their going off to die like gulls at sea, but y’know, it’s nice to let people know that you give a shit. It’s really fucking cool to be able to do what they are doing in this day and age with all the fucking problems that are happening all round. I wish them all the best in their travels. I want to hear all the crazy stories about how Al somehow got involved in producing a porno called ‘I like my Chicks with Dicks’ and how Brett catches an infamous serial killer in the outback of Oz. Yeah, these are the stories I wanna hear. So good luck boys, have an awesome time and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Also Al, use these –

And another thing that needs to be mentioned is the party that transpired. Not in a fair few months, possibly YEARS, have I seen so many of my mates out at once. It reminds of the old school days where jobs and responsibilities were less and nothing more was on the agenda other than having fun. It was pretty fucking sweet sending off. Especially while rocking some mildly crazy facial hair!

Mind the spots...

As you can see from this chart it is a variation on the Friendly Mutton Chops and a classic handlebar. Nearly went for the Franz Josef but didn’t have the time for precision.

I hope this is the beard Al would have, if he could grow one! Ha!

Anyway enough about beards.



p.s. this video is only really relevant for the first 11 minutes. The rest is just a space battle of polygonal proportions


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