Pixel Juggernaut Service Announcement

So we’ve been getting a few glimpses of actually sunshine here in Wales. If you’re not from around here (i.e. Britain) you get how much of a big thing this is. Our summer basically consists of one week of nice sunshine somewhere in the months of April to June. It’ll almost undoubtedly be in that one week that you are working or doing something that involves you staying indoors. So I hope you understand why I haven’t been here as regularly as I should. I’m getting my frolic on!

….I’d love to actually be using this as an excuse but, who am I kidding. I’ve been just crap at keeping up my blog appearances. Maybe I don’t have anything to say? Or I have too much to choose from? Maybe all my manimal writing is taking focus away from this. I don’t know but let’s see if I can change it, yah?

– Pixel Juggernaut


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