Manimals Challenge: Failed…..Kinda.

As it’s basically the end of the month for me, the other days taken up by glorious work, I’ve decided to let you know how I’ve done. That’s if you care ha!

Well basically I have written 2 episodes of Manimals 2 and 5 (don’t get me started on the numbering) but the 5 I wrote was not the 5 I planned, it’s completely new. So original 5 is now 6 and 5 is now completely new. If that makes sense. But anyway, I did not complete the challenge I still have one more to write… or two I. It’s a two parter but does that count as two episodes or just one long one? You can argue about it while I write it.

Tomas the Beaver - 1st Draft

The end is in sight though. Then onto making a pilot which should be fun.

Still if anyone’s interested contact me here! E-mail is there somewhere….


One thought on “Manimals Challenge: Failed…..Kinda.

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